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College Basketball Times' Mission



  • Equal coverage for women's & men's college basketball  (D1, D2, D3. NAIA, Juco, Wheelchair)

  • Countering media bias toward D1 Men



  • Scholarships and wheelchairs for players in need.

  • Promotion and advocacy for expansion of wheelchair basketball teams



  • Providing mentorships and internships to sports journalism students

  • Free access to Basketball Times magazine issues

These are the three guiding principles for all that we do at College Basketball Times.  We strive to be an outlet for news and profiles for players within all divisions of college basketball.  That said, it is our goal to focus on players, teams and staff from schools that do not garner the attention of large scale media outlets. As a reader funded non-profit, we are not beholden to advertisers to run stories to generate millions of clicks, instead we are free to pursue and publish long form stories about players who simply love the game of basketball as much as you do.  If you

enjoy the content, please consider making a donation to

allow us to continue our good works


Board of Advisors


Bruce Burge

  • Executive Cleveland Cavaliers

  • VP - World Basketball League

  • Asst. A.D. - YSU (84-90)


Eric Clapprood


  • Partner - Deloitte


Seth Davis

  • CBS Sports

  • The Athletic


Sam Graham

  • St. Bonaventure Basketball Great

  • Former European Pro Basketball Player 

  • ·Founder / Head Coach, Dynasty Basketball Experience; DBX Academy and International Basketball Club, DBX Wolves in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Lunis Headshot_edited.jpg

Kwani Lunis

  • NBC Boston


Kristen McDonnell

  • MIAA Coach of the Decade


Colleen McGahan

  • NCAA Divison I 3pt Leader

  • Attorney


Jennifer Rizzotti

  • President WNBA's Connecticut Sun

  • Former UConn Star

Andrea Robbins_edited.jpg

Andrea Robbins

  • Trident Strategy - President


Christina Schwab

  • 3 Time Paralympic Gold Medalist

  • Winner Boston Marathon

  • Head Coach Wisconsin-Whitewater


Lee Totten

  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Co-Founder - Bubble Up


Mike Wood

  • Manager at

  • Former Strength & Conditioning Coach at UConn

Richard Tucker_edited_edited.jpg

Richard Tucker

  • Former CNN Writer/Editor

Dave Yas_edited_edited.jpg

Dave Yas

  • Boston Podcast Network


Everett DeMorier_edited.jpg

Everett De Morier


  • Published Novelist

  • Won the top fiction prize at the 2015 London Book Festival

  • Two Novels  turned into feature films

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 2.37_edited.jpg

Jana Eisinger


  • Journalist for the New York Times

  • Graduate from Duke University and Boston College

  • Studied at the Sorbonne and Oxford


Shawn O'Neal


  • Senior Editor at Lindy's Sports Annuals

  • Director of the Department of Student Involvement at University of Idaho


Mark Scialla


  • Emmy Award-winning Journalist

  • National Geographic, The Guardian, The Nation, Vice News

Richard Tucker_edited.jpg

Richard Tucker


  • CNN and The Heritage Foundation- Former editor and writer (a unique combination)

  • Writes for The Hill, RealClearPolitics, and

  • George Washington University Adjunct professor

  • Graduate- Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University


Dave Barend

Editor in Chief

  • Humor Columnist for Basketball Times. 

  • Co-Author "Things That Might Annoy..." joke book series.

  • Lindy's Humor Writer.

  • Written for McSweeny's and Weekly Humorist.

A Note From Dave

We are, well actually, there is no we. I mean there isn’t a we at this moment. It’s not as if all the writers, editors, and the entire board of directors are sitting around my computer helping me churn this out. Nope, right now it’s just me - Dave Barend. So, I’m going to write in the first person if that’s ok?

“Sure Dave." Thanks.

“But who the hell are you?”


A legitimate question. I’m the president of College Basketball Times. How did I rise to such lofty position you ask?

“Uh Dave, I don’t remember asking.”

I actually wrote an entire column on that for the highly esteemed print magazine, Basketball Times which you can read via this link:


Long story, kind of short: I had been writing a humor column for Basketball Times for about a year, and I got to know the owner, John Akers, quite well. After he decided to shut things down with the print magazine, he agreed to allow me to have the archives as part of my quest to keep the legacy of Basketball Times alive online as College Basketball Times.

“Uh Dave that doesn’t seem all that humorous.” Well it’s not.

“I thought you said you were a humor writer.” Yeah, but not everything I write is funny.



I then determined that this entity should be a non-profit given all the “good” it will be doing.

“What “good” Dave?” Well there’s my jokes.

“What jokes Dave?”


In addition we have 5 other really big “goods”

(1) A+ Writing - 

We will be preserving and perpetuating the art of long form writing and striving for quality akin to that in Basketball Times.

“So much different from the spew I’m currently reading?”

I’ve managed to convince a number of top notch writers, include many who had written for Basketball Times to contribute. And by “convince” I really mean “guilt” - what good can be done without guilt?


(2) Mentorships - 

Opportunities will be available for new writers to learn from our very experienced and respected editors and columnists.


(3) Basketball Times Archives -

Basketball Times indisputably had some of the best basketball writing of all time. And it had a humor column with which you might be familiar. As mentioned, we eventually will be providing all of the 40 plus years of Basketball Times for free on our website. Given that we still need to digitized over 30 of those years, please focus on the word eventually.


(4) Equal Coverage: Women & Men -

The coverage we provide for women’s college basketball will equal that of men’s. For those with a bit too much testosterone, I assure you that this equality is a very good thing.


(5) Equal Coverage: Div1, Div2, Div3, NAIA, JUCO & Wheelchair -

We are also going to do our very best make sure there are an equal number of cover stories and articles for the above noted 6 categories. The cover stories will be profiles on players, coaches and teams. The articles will mostly be recaps and projections. 


No doubt, things might get added or changed. Heck, that might have already occurred, and we have just been too lazy to change the About US page. (Note my deft use of “we” there.)


And there you have my take on us. If you’d like to read the exact language we submitted to the IRS with our 501(c)(3) application, you can read all 250 characters below. Yes, we were allowed a max of 250 characters.

"Uh Dave, any reason why you waited to mention that till after we read all of this?”

And you can also read the very lengthy and legalese language we submitted to the Mass. Sec of State to obtain our non-profit status. (It worked, by the way.)


Regardless, I really hope that you think that College Basketball Times is doing some good. And I’m pretty sure “we” hope so too.



Dave Barend - President

College Basketball Times

Text Given to IRS (all 250 characters)

College basketball’s conduit for public good: free mentorships to preserve art of long form writing, equal coverage of women’s, men’s and wheelchair teams on free website to address media discrimination, and free access to Basketball Times archive.

Text Used For Non-Profit Status (and it worked!)


The overall mission of The Charitable Corporation of College Basketball Writers (“Corporation”) is to be college basketball’s conduit for good. The Corporation formed to be a nonprofit organization solely for the public good with purposes that are educational, charitable, and literary. 


Educational:  With respect to education, the Corporation will facilitate tutoring, guidance, assistance and teaching from experienced and esteemed college basketball writers and editors via a mentorship program for young and new college basketball writers. This will be free of charge for the mentees. 


Further, the Corporation will provide on its website,, investigated and well researched features, articles and other content on topics within the realm of college basketball that are currently receiving little if any coverage. Amongst the topics to be included are: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 2, NCAA Division 3, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (“NAIA”), junior college, former college players now playing in senior leagues, prison leagues and leagues for disabled players. At the present time, these topics are often completely ignored but are essential to building and supporting community interest in basketball, particularly with youth and others in underserved communities. All of this educational information will be available for free to the general public.


Charitable:  Our charitable mission also includes directly addressing the issue of discrimination and equity in coverage of women's college basketball. The amount of articles and stories written about men’s college basketball far exceeds that for women. In fact, the information available for women’s NAIA, junior college and NCAA Division 2 and 3 college basketball is nearly non-existent. A strong component of our mission will be to bring more parity with respect to coverage between genders.


Literary: The Corporation has obtained exclusive rights to publish on its website the entire 41-year archive of Basketball Times, a print publication known for its unparalleled and high-quality coverage of college basketball from 1980 - 2021. While this educational resource will undoubtedly be invaluable to all basketball historians and fans, it will provide young and new writers completely free access to articles that are considered to be of literary excellence. 


Further, the ceasing of the publication of Basketball Times has left a great void in the literary art of long form articles (over 1000 words). Through providing these and other educational resources to the public for free, we will preserve and perpetuate, with the highest quality, this diminishing literary art.

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