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College Basketball Times is a non-profit organization dedicated to equality and keeping the legacy of the esteemed Basketball Times alive. We are offering “for credit” internships as part of our mission of perpetuating the art of long form writing. The students will receive instruction from our writers and editors who include Shawn O’Neal, the senior editor for Lindy’s Preseason College Basketball Magazine, and Richard Tucker who has written and edited for CNN.


The students will write both cover stories and columns to be published on The cover stories will be approximately 1000 word features on “under the radar” players derived from interviews and other research. Every cover story will be prominently displayed on the front page of our website and posted on multiple social media outlets. 


The columns will be a much shorter broad overview of one of the 6 categories that College Basketball Times currently covers: D1, D2, D3, NAIA, Juco, and Wheelchair. College Basketball Times strives to cover each of those equally as well as covering women and men equally. Every student’s column will display that student’s picture as the primary image so as to promote the student.


In addition, students will have the opportunity to sit in on our advisory board meetings. Amongst the people on College Basketball Time’s advisory board are Seth Davis (CBS Sports), Jennifer Rizzotti (UConn star & president WNBA Conn. Sun), Christina Schwab (3 Paralympic golds) and Bruce Burge (Cleveland Cavs executive).


College Basketball Times can be very flexible with the amount of hours students would like to commit, and can easily accommodate students who desire to work upwards of 20 hours per week. College Basketball Times is, however, looking for students willing to dedicate at least 5 hours per week. It should be noted, that the vast majority of this work will be done by the student at whatever time the student would like. The instances when the student has to meet with an editor, will be set at times convenient for the student.

Boston College, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio State and St. Bonaventure are some of the schools where students have interned with College Basketball Times.


To apply for an internship simply send an email to with a resume and a cover letter. No experience with having written for other publications is required. A passion for improving as a writer is all that is necessary.

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