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What are the Domination Rankings?

Definition of Domination Rankings: the ranking of all categories of college basketball - women, men, wheelchair, D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO . . . - together (based on record, average margin of victory [AMOV], and a super secret formula) by the arguably insane folks at College Basketball Times as part of our non-profit mission of equality. Make sense? Uh, not really Dave. Then take a look below and I think you'll get it. And you might even get a few laughs. You mean the rankings are a joke, Dave? No, not at all. I did, however, provide some hopefully humorous comments. Though if you feel compelled to laugh at the rankings, well, that works for me too.



Dave Barend - Grand Poobah

Rankings for the week of April 4, 2024

Top 25 teams

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South Carolina Gamecocks

Women’s NCAA D1

36–0 | 29.64 AMOV



Alabama Crimson Tide

Women’s Wheelchair Champs

23–0 | 27.11 AMOV



Hutchinson Community College Blue Dragons

Women’s NJCAA D1 Champs

37-0 | 24.33 AMOV

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West Valley College Vikings
Men's CCCAA Champs

33–0 | 25.00 AMOV



NYU Violets
Women’s NCAA D3 Champs

31–0 | 26.13 AMOV



Xavier Musketeers
Men’s Club/NCBBA
18-0 | AMOV 17.72


DePaul Blue Demons
Men's Club/NCBBA
15-0 | 17.66 AMOV


Nevada Wolf Pack
 Women's Club/NCBBA
12-0 | 15.08 AMOV


Transylvania Pioneers
Women's NCAA-D3
31-1 | 27.88 AMOV


Davidson-Davie Community College Storm
Men's NJCAA D2
34-1 | 23.80 AMOV
Untitled design.png


Kentucky Wildcats
Manager Games
9-0 | 16.78 AMOV


Webster Gorloks
Women's NCAA D3
27-1 | 27.14 AMOV
Joke - 1.PNG


Rhode Island College Anchorwomen
Women's NCAA D3
29-1 | 26.03 AMOV


Johnson County College Cavaliers
Women's NJCAA D2
34-1 | 22.79 AMOV


Columbia Basin Hawks
Women's NWAC
22-1 | 24.90 AMOV


Jefferson University Rams
 Women's NCAA D2
30-1 | 19.68 AMOV


Carleton Ravens
Women's U Sports
28-1 | 22.79 AMOV


Barton Cougars
Men's NJCAA D1
35-1 | 16.31 AMOV


Northeastern Huskies
Men's Club/NCBBA
31-1 | 10.91 AMOV


Algonquin College Wolves
Women's CCAA
17-1 | 24.58 AMOV


Rock Valley College Golden Eagles
Women’s NJCAA -D2
34-2 | 33.19 AMOV
CHH-Monn State-4_4_2024.PNG


National Park Nighthawks
Men's NJCAA D2
28-1 | 16.00 AMOV


Central Maine Mustangs
Women's USCAA D2
27-2 | 30.43 AMOV


Kirkwood Community College Eagles
Women’s NJCAA D2
30-2 | 28.91 AMOV


SUNY Cobleskill Fighting Tigers
Women’s NCAA D3
25-2 | 32.22 AMOV

Others Receiving Humor

All jokes have been provided by real comedians and mostly real humor writers for their alma maters.

Last Updated: March 11, 2024
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#352 Bentley Falcons
Women's NCAA D2 | 25-5 | AMOV 11.10

The Bentley women's team is today going for a three-peat of the NE10 conference. I played soccer at Bentley years ago. We never three peated and I don't recall ever two peating for that matter. Now that I think of it we never even peated, unless it was spelled p e t e r e d. - Paul Nardizzi

#471 Vermont Catamounts
Men's NCAA D1 | 26-6 | AMOV 9.56

The Catamounts finished up the regular reason with a win over New Hampshire. There is a gas station on the border between the states with a perennially busy single-stall bathroom. I get the long line loose by quizzing everyone on who's gotta pee and who's gotta poop. - Clayton Trutor

#727 Kentucky Wildcats
Men's NCAA D1 | 23-8 | AMOV 10.39) 

Kentucky secured the 3rd seed and double bye for the upcoming SEC Tournament in NashVegas with victories over Vandy and Tennessee this past week. The loud roar heard in the distance from Knoxville was watering hole proprietors on Broadway rejoicing the ‘Cats 6:00pm tip Friday evening…..providing ample opportunity for the Big Blue Nation to take in the local surroundings; from Kid Rock’s to Luke’s 32 Bridge to Jason Aldean’s Kitchen to Dierks Bentley’s to The Stage, Tootsies and Rippy’s Honky Tonk, it’s important to realize that no night is EVER complete without some requested Metallica - Enter Sandman, finding a lucky winner to award the garland of roses, and some late night boot fitting at Robert’s…..

#1493 St. Bonaventure Bonnies
Men's NCAA D1 | 17-10 | AMOV 6.61

The Bonnies of St Bonaventure had their path to a double bye all set for them as VCU dropped their final 2 games - but the joke was on the Bonnies as they dropped their final 2 games of the season to the basement dwellers of the A10 - the latest a 75 to 68 loss to St Louis ! The basketball gods played the role of Lucy holding that football and the Bonnies came a running to kick that ball into the coveted 4 seed only to see it pulled away !!! On to Brooklyn an the A10 tourney as a 7th seed !!- James Healy An emotional Senior Day (or not!!), where the five St. Bonaventure Seniors and their 180ish combined games played for Bonas was not enough to secure a victory over the Billikens. St. Louis ranked #163 overall and #277 defensively by Massey; #218 overall and #349 in defensive efficiency by KenPom delivered a head scratching, stalwart defensive effort in shutting down the Bonnies offense…..leaving the home faithful with little hope that either the Beastie’s or Jay Z / Notorious B.I.G. are walking through that door to deliver Brooklyn’s Finest….The pressing question at hand, does the 347 mile drive from Upstate NY to Barclays merit serious consideration when a final record of 18-13 or 19-13 will be the likely end result?? - Kevin Florenz

#1243 BENTLEY FALCONS Men's NCAA D2 (19-11 AMOV 9.97) Bentley men's basketball player Zach Laput won his second consecutive NE 10 player of the Year award. It's only the 8th time in conference history that someone has repeated. The first time that it happened Zack was still 20 years away from being in diapers. Now he's won the award and the man who originally did it is in diapers. I guess what comes around goes around, or in this case what comes out, years later, comes out again. - Paul Nardizzi #1514 PROVIDENCE COLLEGE FRIARS Men's NCAA D1 (19-12 AMOV 3.87) Providence ended their regular season with a win over Ed Cooley again which helped absolutely nothing and a Godfather 3 loss to UConn. A "Godfather 3" loss is one where you have no hope that the team will win going into the game, but just when you are out, they pull you back in (borrowing from Al Pacino's Michael Corleone in Godfather 3, and Silvio Dante's awful impression of Pacino in Godfather 3). The Friars stormed out to a 15-2 lead and prompted me to buy into the idea that they could win this game. Then they lost by 14. They'll probably have to win the Big East Tournament twice to make the NCAAs. Although apparently one of their better players who got wrapped up in gun charges earlier this year should be cleared to play next year, so there's that. - Mike Rusconi #1576 PENN QUAKERS Women's NCAA D1 (15-12 AMOV 2.41) Penn fell to Princeton 72-55 last Saturday, its second loss to the Tigers this season. The two teams will meet again next week in the Ivy League playoffs. They say it is difficult to beat a team three times in one season, but Ivy League statisticians point out that it is a lot easier to beat a team three times in one season when you’ve already beaten them twice. - David Yas #2386 PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS Men's NCAA D1 (14-16 AMOV 1.10) Penn State ended its regular season with a home victory against Maryland, a game that can “best” be described as follows: Best Picture: the shot of 7 PSU seniors and their families being honored before the game Best Actor: forward Qudus Wahab, who led the team with 19 points and 15 rebounds Best Supporting Actor: guard Ace Baldwin, Jr., who tallied 17 points and 11 assists Best Director: first year Head Coach Mike Rhoades, who helped guide Penn State to 9 B1G regular season victories, equaling their most ever Best Sound: the team leading the singing of the PSU Alma mater after the game Best Visual Effects: confetti unleashed by the PSU student section after Wahab scored the first point of the game on a free throw for the Nittany Lions Best Makeup and Hairstyling: guard Nick Kern, Jr.—not sure about any makeup, but his hair is way cool Best International Feature: Wahab, originally from Lagos, Nigeria Best Live-Action Short: Baldwin, who leads the Nittany Lions in scoring this year despite being the shortest player on the roster at 6’ 1” Best Costume Design: the Nittany Lion mascot, easily defeating Maryland’s turtle dude Best Original Score: the final one—Penn State 85, Maryland 69 Now on to the first round of the B1G tourney—BEAT MICHIGAN! - Michael Dinga Class of '86 #2791 PENN QUAKERS Men's NCAA D1 (11-18 AMOV 0.07) When I was a senior at Penn in 1990, the Quakers defeated Princeton 55-54 at the Palestra on a last-second tip-in and we stormed the court. This past Saturday Penn lost to Princeton 105-83 at the Palestra and Penn students stormed the local Starbucks to pick up the new Iced Lavender Cream Oatmilk Matcha.- David Yas #2987 NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH Men's NCAA D1 (12-19 AMOV -3.03) ND's regular season wrapped up mercifully on Saturday with an 82-76 loss to Virginia Tech. The good news? They finished twelfth in the 15 team ACC after being a consensus pick to finish dead last. The bad news? Twelfth place sucks. - Rick Condon #3694 ST. BONAVENTURE BONNIES Women's NCAA D1 (4-25 - AMOV -11.76) The Bonnies got knocked out of the A-10 tournament after shooting only 33% from the field.But they're optimistic knowing that if they can keep hitting .333, they’ll have a great team for intramural Wiffle ball. - Isaac Howson

Others Receiving Praise

Kenneth Massey - Check out It's amazing.


Luke Hutchinson & Elijah Yoder - Huge help for the wheelchair division.

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