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Hey Everyone,

As you surely also know that CBT is a 501 (c)(3) charity.

Our missions includes Education (by providing internships to underprivileged aspiring journalists) and Equality (of coverage for women, men and all levels of college hoops).

Uh Dave, if we know it, why tell us again?

What you might not know is CBT is hosting a Tournament Bracket contest with a $500 prize.

As a non-profit, we are suggesting a $25 donation which is tax deductible.

Uh Dave, do we have to donate $25 to play?

Absolutely not.

You can donate, $50, $100, $1000, or more, or, yes, nothing.

Yeah, the law mandates that we allow entries without donations, but I’m very much hoping you'll be part of our fundraising efforts. 

We are using Yahoo’s bracket site and its default scoring: the basic 1 point for first round games then points double each subsequent round.

Our winner(s) will be the person with the most points in the men’s bracket, and the most points in the women’s bracket. 

If one person wins both brackets, that person will receive a $500 gift certificate to a national online retailer.

If there are separate winners for the men’s and women’s brackets, each will receive a $250 gift certificate. 

And if there is a tie, that $250 will be split accordingly.

To make a donation, just go to: click this link.

Note: your donations will appear on your credit card as to the “Charitable Corporation of College Basketball Writers.” 

To register your team:

Please feel free to invite others to play.

And though they can likewise do so for free, please encourage them to also donate at least $25.

Or more.

Looking for help with your brackets?

Uh Dave, will they really help?

Probably not, but they might make you laugh.


Dave Barend - Grand Poobah


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