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CBT's 2022 Tournaments Game

Happy March! Yes, it’s Tournaments Time - the most wonderful time of the year. It’s like Christmas, but without having to hear my wife yell, “Can’t you see that the tree is still crooked?!” "Uh, Dave that doesn’t seem right." I know. I tell my wife I’m trying, yet she still . “No Dave, I think you said Tournaments instead of Tournament.” That’s right. We’ve got a whopping 12 tournaments on our radar at CBT: Div1, Div 2, Div 3, NAIA, Juco and Wheelchair. Here’s the link: “Wait a minute Dave, that’s just six." But there’s both men’s and women’s which gives you . . . I’ll wait. "12?! I can’t fill out 12 different brackets!" Worry not. The CBT Tournaments Game has no brackets and can probably be completed in five minutes. All you have to do is pick the champs of the 12 tournaments from a pull down menu by the March 10 deadline. "Uh Dave, Selection Sunday isn’t till March 13." That is true, but most of the other tournaments start before that so we needed the 3/10 deadline. The pull down has the best teams listed in each category and then there’s an option of: All Other Teams Not Listed. "Well what if the team I want isn’t listed?" Then you pick: All Other Teams Not Listed. "And you’re sure I’ll get my team if it’s not listed?" Yes. And you know what else you’ll get? “What?" All Other Teams Not Listed. “Whoa.” Here’s the link: "Now what do I do if I don’t know much about some of those divisions you listed, Dave?" I believe there is a site you can go to that covers all them “ESPN?" Nope "CBS Sports?" How about "Oh yeah I hear great things - albeit mostly from these newsletters." You’ll find articles such as Adam Glatczak’s NAIA Men’s update and Kevin Martinez’s Juco Women’s rankings.

There are also incredible stories like Sam Oshtry’s heartbreaking and heartwarming piece on Alabama Wheelchair star Peter Berry. And our new intern from USC, Caitlin Cummings, penned a wonderful feature on Virginia Tech’s Georgia Amoore. "But if I don’t have time to read all of that, how do I play the game?" I’d suggest you do what pretty much everyone does with every NCAA tournament pool for decades - simply guess. "Ok Dave, but how much is this going to cost me?" Much like everything on the site, the game is free. "So if the game is free, how much cash does the winner get?" None at all. But there is a smiling basketball trophy which is much cuter than cash. I’m mean, have you seen Ulysses S. Grant? Here’s the link: "What’s the catch?" There’s no catch, but we wouldn’t mind if participants donated to our non-profit mission of equal coverage for all levels of college hoops. "Ah, there’s the catch." I assure you donating is not required. It’s just an option. "Well then we’ll feel guilty." Ok, you’re right - there’s a catch. Hope you all play anyway. And thanks again for supporting College Basketball Times.


Dave Barend - Head Honcho


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