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CBT's Women's Wheelchair Update - A Briefing on 'Bama

This season the Alabama Crimson Tide has gotten off to a hot start. To date, they have participated in three tournaments against collegiate women’s wheelchair basketball programs. They hold a 9-1 record against the other college women’s teams. Here’s how they have arrived at this impressive record, as well as how they played in the Jalapenos Invitational on February 12th.

UTA Homecoming Tournament, Nov. 12 through Nov. 13

Alabama played against the University of Texas-Arlington in the first game of the tournament. The Crimson Tide’s Mary Silberman and Lindsay Zurburgg lead their team to the win.

Silberman pulled down 12 rebounds and scored 20 points, while Zurburgg played the whole game and scored 21 points. The Lady Movin’ Mavs did put up a tough fight, but Alabama pulled out a 53-52 win.

In the second game of the tournament, the Crimson Tide took on the Arizona Wildcats and won 57-41.

On the next day of the tournament, Alabama faced the Wildcats in a rematch. Zurburgg led her team in scoring again with 21 points. Bailey Moody scored 19 points for the Crimson Tide. The final score of the game was 62-43 for Alabama.

In the final game of the tournament for Alabama, they played against the Lady Movin’ Mavs again. Zurburgg, as always, was among the team’s top scorers, scoring 30 points in the finale. Moira Paulus and Bailey Moody also chipped in with double digits points each.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Tournament, Nov. 19 through Nov. 20

In the following tournament, Alabama took on the University of Illinois, Arizona and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

In the opener against Illinois, Lindsay Zurburgg carried her team scoring and played the entire game. She put up a career-high 38 points to lead the squad. Kady Dandereau countered with 34 points for Illinois to keep things close, but Alabama came out with a 68-63 win.

In the second game, Alabama never let Arizona get close. Zurburgg put up another double-double with 11 rebounds and 14 points. She also had 5 steals and caused 1 turnover. The final score was 63-31.

On the second day, Illinois faced Alabama again and gave them their first loss of the season. Silberman scored 29 points and Zurburgg scored 22 points, but Dandereau for Illinois outshined them with 38 points. The Fighting Illini came out with a 73-69 win.

In Alabama’s last game, they took on Wisconsin-Whitewater and handed them a loss. Moody led Alabama with 17 points and caused 2 turnovers. The score ended up as 67-22.

University of Texas at Arlington, Feb. 4 through Feb. 5

In the first game played, the Alabama Crimson Tide looked for revenge against Illinois. Silberman led the effort with 19 points, 1 steal and 2 turnovers. The final score brought the Crimson Tide a 57-50 win.

The second and final game for the Crimson Tide was against UT-Arlington for the third time this year. Again, it wasn’t close. Zurbugg scored 24 points and Silberman blocked 1 basket and stole the ball 3 times. The final score was 73-54.

Jalapenos Invitational, Feb. 12

This past weekend Alabama hosted a tournament and played against the Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets and Lakeshore. They won all three games. In the first, against Charlotte, Bailey Moody led her team in scoring. She dominated offensively with 18 points and she hauled in 7 rebounds. Moira Paulus also added 7 baskets for the Tide. The Crimson Tide won 75-21.

The second game of the day flew by for the Tide as they won 50-14 against Lakeshore. Joy Haizelden and Paulus led the team with 10 points each.

The final game, pitted Alabama and the Hornets in rematch of game one. Moody took the title of lead scorer again with 15 points. She also stopped the Hornets twice from going towards their net. The Crimson Tide came out with the 58-18 win.

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