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Women's Club College Hoops - Way Too Early Top 15 For 2023

Let’s take a look at a way too early top 15 for the woman’s club college basketball programs.

1. Boston College

19-0 Overall record – New England North Conference Champions

After going undefeated and winning the first ever NCBBA-W National Championship Tournament, the Eagles are the favorite going into next season. Catherine Van Pelt will be a junior returning to the team after winning MVP honors averaging 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists.

2. Ohio State

16-5 overall record

The Buckeyes were runner up in the national championship and held a close game until the final minute of the tournament. The Great Lakes region champions have a chance to make some noise next season with experience from the underclassman in high-pressure situations.

3. Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

10-2 overall record - Mid America conference champions

SIUe impressed in the national tournament and if all players remain healthy, they should have every player back for the 2023 season. The team chemistry will take them far in the new season.

4. Northeastern University

13-5 Overall Record

Northeastern lost in the semi-finals of the national championship but they have a solid team that can make a big comeback next season. Marley Lopez-Paul and Niki Manolis are both freshman who are going to make a big impact on this team the next few years.

5. Syracuse

14-3 overall record – North Atlantic Conference Champions

Syracuse has a star coach who knows how to lead his players to success. This team won a tough fight in regionals that gave them a spot in the national championship bracket. They are placed at number five for the 2023 season but have a chance to move up quickly if they keep producing points next season.

6. Penn State

20-1 Overall Record – Mid Atlantic West Conference Champions

Penn State had the one seed going into the national championship but was upset in the first round. If they can handle high pressure situations, they should cruise through next season with a good amount of their roster coming back next season.

7. Cortland

10-5 overall record

SUNY Cortland was ranked number eight going into the national tournament but lost in the first round. Their players now have excellent experience and should bounce back next year. Kayla Syrbe and Briana LaValle look to lead their team by example and make a long run in 2023.

8. Kennesaw State

10-2 overall record – south Atlantic champions

Kennesaw State has more to prove in 2023. Elicia Threatt will be a sophomore who can contribute a lot on the court in her next campaign. The Owls look to improve next season and make an even more impressive run next year.

9. Grand Valley State

10-3 overall record – Grand Lakes – North conference champions

Made up of mostly sophomores and seniors next season, Grand Valley State could very well make an appearance in the national tournament next year. Lillian Kozak and Isabell Ausel are two impact players to keep an eye on, both can play physical and produce a lot of points.

10. Fairfield

12-1 Overall record – New England South Conference Champions

Fairfield was ranked number 11 by the NCBBA going into nationals. Lily Becker, Emma Fetrow and Carolyn Graham hope to make a big impact coming into their senior season.

11. Cal Poly

8-4 overall record

Cal Poly is a team that had a really good chance to go far last season. With several players coming back next season, they’re expected to again be a playoff contender.

12. Villanova

13-1 overall record – Mid Atlantic East Conference Champions

Nova has been in the top 15 and settles at no. 12 going into the 2023 season. Their roster is stacked with a lot of experience, so they have the potential to move up as the season progresses.

13. Montclair State

11-5 overall record

Montclair has a lot of impact players that can change the game with their physicality. With 3 seniors leaving, they will be reliant on six juniors to move the team up in the rankings.

14. San Jose State

8-3 overall record Pacific conference champions

San Jose State is a young team, but they have a chance to make some noise in the regular season next year.

15. Coastal Carolina

7-4 overall record

Costal Carolina has been a team that has gone unnoticed, but they make the top 15 going into the new season. With a hefty load of players coming back, they look to use their experience and go farther in the post season.

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