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CBT's Women's Club Championship - The Best Game I Couldn't Watch

BOSS: I need an article on the NCBBA women’s club basketball championship.

ME: Sure. Where can I watch it?

BOSS: You can’t.

ME: (Stunned silence.) So there’s no way to watch the game?

BOSS: I believe I already mentioned that.

ME: But to write the story, I need to watch the game.

BOSS: That’s correct as well.

ME: (More stunned silenece.)

BOSS: Hey if you can’t make it work, I can just give it to . . .

ME: No, no, no! I can definitely make it work! Just one question though. How do I make it work?

BOSS: All I know is the game is at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Penn…

ME: Wait, did you say Mercyhurst? I knew I could make it work!

My best friend, Carrie Jornlin, recently transferred to Mercyhurst.


On Sunday, April 24, Carried had a choice: (1) kick back and relax while tanning in Erie’s unseasonably gorgeous 80 degree temps or (2) sit in a hot gym and act as my impromptu announcer of the championship game between second-ranked Boston College play fifth-ranked Ohio State University. She chose number 2.

Well, sort of.

“Umm, I might’ve shown up a littleeeee late,” Carrie told me as she stepped into the gym.

“Is it already halftime?”

“There’s only two minutes left in the game.”

This story is doomed, I thought to myself.

“Okay, well what’s the score?” I asked.

“Tied, 44-44.”

“Oh my God. Okay it’s a good game. Tell me what’s happening!”

“Okay well there’s great ball movement!”

“Who is doing the great ball movement?”

“Boston College. #41 (Anna Bolger) moved it to #2 (Lindsay Kinum) who moved it to #16 (CeeCee Van Pelt)! Very unselfish! Oh did you see that?!”

“Um.. no. I’m on the phone."

“Oops, sorry. Never let me change my career to being a game-time announcer.”

“Will do.”

“Okay, Ohio State just fouled Boston College’s #15 (Elizabeth Kennedy)!” Carrie said.

“How much time is on the clock?”

“59 seconds!”

Carrie squealed on the other side of the line.

“What happened?” I asked. At this point, I’m seated on the edge of my chair, begging for any more information to help this story.

“She made her first free throw! #15 is clutchhhhhh!”

Boston College up one.

“She missed her second… Wait, Boston College got the offensive rebound!”

“Who, who got the rebound?”

“#41 (Anna Bolger)”

“Oh! Shoot!” Carrie yelped.


“#16 (CeeCee Van Pelt) just shot a three but missed!”

“So it’s Ohio State’s ball?”


I waited a few seconds.

“Carrie, what’s happening?!!”

“Ohio State has the ball with 20 seconds left. They’re down one point,” Carrie said.


I sat, waiting in anticipation for my announcer to tell me something, anything.

“Ohh great job, great job!”

“WHO is doing a great job??”

“Boston College! They are playing amazing defense. They’re in every passing lane, they’re playing tight but not fouling . . .OH!” Carrie yelled.

The buzzer sounded and cheers erupted on the other end of the phone line.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Carrie yelled.

“What happened??”


“WHAT happened Carrie??!!”

“Ohio State had the ball with the last possession. Clock winding down. But as a player from Ohio State went up for the final shot, #41 (Anna Bolger) from Boston College blocked her!”

“Game over!!! Boston College 45, Ohio State 44.”

Congratulations to Boston College on winning the NCBBA National Championship, and for providing me with the best, last two minutes of a game I never saw.

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