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Men's Club: Regionals Preview

The National Club Basketball Association has announced the 2021-2022 Men’s regional playoff bracket. There are a total of five regions — New England, North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic and Great Lakes. Each region’s location is geographically centralized, and games will be played from April 1-3.

Tournaments are all single elimination. New England, North Atlantic and Great Lakes will have eight teams, made up of two teams from four conferences. The Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic will have four teams from the top two teams of two conferences.

The regional tournament winners all qualify for the National Championship in Erie, Pennsylvania, April 22-24. The other three spots will be chosen via an at-large bid.

At-large bids to the national championship are chosen by the NCBBA based on multiple scenarios involving their regular season performance, regional performance, team participation and discipline.

New England Regional Championship

Margot Connell Recreation Center (200 St Thomas More Road, Boston, MA. 02135) on the campus of Boston College.

1. Boston College (NE-East Conference Champion)

2. Bryant (NE-East Runner Up)

3. UConn (NE-South Conference Champion)

4. Quinnipiac (NE-South Conference Runner Up)

5. Northeastern (NE-North Conference Champion

6. Vermont (NE-North Conference Runner Up)

7. Albany (NE-West Conference Champion)

8. Binghamton-Green (NE-West Conference Runner Up)

Notes: Boston College finished 18-0 in the regular season and looks to continue its undefeated streak through regionals. Conference runner-up Bryant had two of the players of the week going into regionals. John Shannon recorded 50 points over two games against Assumption to help his team qualify and finish 12-4 in the regular season. … Though they are a new team this season, UConn is one of the best in the region, finishing undefeated in conference play with multiple players in the top 5 in every stat category. Colin Schoen is tops in points per game with 13.8. Quinnipiac finished 11-5 overall and could make some noise. … Northeastern and Vermont played lengthy schedules, with Northeastern finishing 19-8 and Vermont 21-6. Both come into this tournament on a multi-game win streak. … Albany and Binghamton both have just two losses and Albany remains undefeated in conference play going 14-0. Albany is on a 15-game win streak going into this tournament.

§ Saturday, April 2nd: Opening Round Games on two courts at 12pm (#1 v. #8 & #2 v. #7) and 2pm (#3 v. #6 & #4 v. #5).

§ Semi-Finals on two courts starting at 4pm.

§ Sunday, April 3rd: Championship Game at 10am

North Atlantic Regional Championship

Nittany Valley Sports Centre (177 Champions Drive, State College, PA. 16803) in State College, Pennsylvania

1. Towson (MA-North Conference Champion)

2. Naval Academy (MA-North Conference Runner Up)

3. Radford (MA-South Conference Champion)

4. Virginia (MA-South Conference Runner Up)

Notes: Townson has only one loss, finishing 11-1 in the regular season. Navy comes in at 10-4. … Radford also only has one loss on the season, finishing 15-1 in the regular season. Kameron Hughes for Radford leads his conference in points per game with an average of 18 points. Virginia posts a 14-5 record on the year going into this tournament.

§ Saturday, April 2nd: Opening Round Games on two courts at 11am (North Conference Winner v. South Conference Runner up & South Conference Winner v. North Conference Runner up).

§ Championship Game starting at 1pm.

South Atlantic Regional Championship

Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center (3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613) on the campus of Furman University.

1. Auburn (SA-South Conference Champion)

2. Florida State (SA-South Conference Runner Up)

3. East Carolina (SA-North Conference Champion)

4. UNC-Wilmington (SA-North Conference Runner Up)

Notes: Auburn has one loss on the season and it came to conference runner up Florida State. Auburn comes in at 13-1 while FSU enters below .500 with a 4-5 record on the year. … East Carolina is another team that comes in with only one loss while UNCW posts a 12-2 record. The South Atlantic-North was a tight race with South Carolina just behind UNCW, missing the tournament with three losses on the season. East Carolina and UNCW are on a multi-game win streak coming into this tournament.

§ Saturday, April 2nd: Opening Round Games at 11am (North Conference Winner v. South Conference Runner up)

§ 1pm (South Conference Winner v. North Conference Runner up)

§ Championship Game starting at 3pm.

Great Lakes Regional Championship

Markin Family Student Recreation Center (1308 West Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL. 61625) on the campus of Bradley University

1. Purdue (GL-East Conference Champion)

2. Indiana (GL-East Conference Runner Up)

3. Notre Dame (GL-North Conference Champion)

4. DePaul (GL-North Conference Runner Up)

5. Creighton (GL-West Conference Champion)

6. Iowa State (GL-West Conference Runner Up)

7. Missouri-Black (GL-South Conference Champion)

8. Saint Louis (GL-South Conference Runner Up)

Notes: Purdue set themselves apart in this conference, finishing 8-0 in conference play while runner up Indiana finished 5-3. Purdue rolls in on a six-game win streak. ... Great Lakes-North champ Notre Dame played a perfect conference slate at 10-0. … Creighton and Iowa State separated themselves from the rest of the conference, with Creighton going undefeated in conference play and taking just one loss, finishing 12-1. Iowa State finished 6-2 in the regular season. … Missouri-Black and Saint Louis went 7-3 in conference play. Saint Louis has a better overall record than Missouri-Black, with the Bills finishing the regular season 7-3 and Missouri-Black just over .500 at 7-6.

§ Saturday, April 2nd: Opening Round Games on two courts at 1pm (#1 v. #8 & #2 v. #7)

§ 3pm (#3 v. #6 & #4 v. #5)

§ Semi-Finals on two courts starting at 5pm.

§ Sunday, April 3rd: Championship Game at 1pm

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